Sousveillance culture

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Marisa Olson set up and moderated a fantastic panel yesterday afternoon at Conflux about Souveillance Culture. The panel was sponsored by Rhizome and gathered Amy Alexander, Jill Magid and Hasan Elahi, 3 artists whose work engages surveillance and explore the cultural and political implications of sousveillance. The panel assumed that we live in a surveilled society but also in a culture that likes to show and tell. Our society has shifted from one that cherished its right to privacy to a society that promotes the idea "if you see something, say something."

Amy Alexander’s talk, Software, Surveillance, Scareness & Subjectivity was a presentation of SVEN: Surveillance Video Entertainment Network aka "AI to the People", a software performance or installation for public spaces that she developed together with Wojciech Kosma, Vincent Rabaud with Nikhil Rasiwasia and Jesse Gilbert.

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Wojciech Kosma estuvo invitado por ZEMOS98 para la exposición "Panel de Control" participando en modo taller/workshop sobre el trabajo de SVEN en el CAAC. Algunas fotos del taller las tengo en mi flickr.

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