Simposio Educación Expandida
Un proyecto de ZEMOS98 y Juan Freire // 22 a 29 de Marzo de 2009


POR Tiscar Lara 29/03/09 // Español

Expanded Education Symposium has become a repertoire of ways to expand conferences. If Monday was Gonzalo Frasca who impressed us by handling the screening of his presentation from the iPhone, this time was Brian Lamb] who brought a URL with all of his hypertextual lecture tour to bury somehow the tyranny of the classical linear ppt.

Then, Brian Lamb started to put its resources catalog (including customized for the occasion: and the concert began with a militant vision of open, free, DIY and radical education.

The title of his lecture "The urgency of an open education: emotions, cheap, reuse and radical-based learning content syndication" had a flavour of punk and it tasted punk. Actually, Brian could tell his grandchildren that he was there when the edupunk movement was born. And there is a graphic testimony of the a-ha moment. Here we see him with Jim Groom, the culprit that in recent months there have been written about 6000 inputs with edupunk on almost half the size with edupop, an alternative vision to the concept.

But perhaps the most significant of his lecture was how, while Brian was going to support his vision of open education with obvious examples like Girl Talk Manifesto and the use of wikis in his University, at the front rows were started to flood Twitter. The conference became a remix itself, with people following him from streaming live, talking to viewers at twitter and they following the links that Brian was opening in his browser. The experience has been so successful that Brian is already planning how to adapt the format of this Symposium to the one he will organize in Vancouver next August.

Brian Lamb conference audio in English

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