Simposio Educación Expandida
Un proyecto de ZEMOS98 y Juan Freire // 22 a 29 de Marzo de 2009


POR Tiscar Lara 29/03/09 // Español

The new project of La Fundició goes on wheels. It is light and only needs children excited about exploring the world and airwaves to fill the air. All of them, curiously natural resources that surround us although sometimes they are invisible. La Fundició found them in the primary public school El Martinet to designe the project Open-Roulotte that had come to the Expanded Education Symposium.

This time, La Fundició continues working with Catarqsis looking for ways to question the relationship between public space and the educational institution. Before they did so with Projecte3, when the implications of an object that burst into a shrunk school was negotiated in a wiki. Now, the idea turns and bring the exploration of the territory expanded from the school: the Open-Roulotte.

As Mariló told us, the activity starts with an exploration of the environment by the children where they are interacting with people and objects located at the walk. After returning to the classroom and with their own mapping drawing they display those feelings from the activity. Later, they move to a radio program and somehow give back the experience to the environment, but this time in words and sounds. The term Open-Roulotte symbolizes the idea of creating a mobile performative radio to occupy the public space in a different way.

But perhaps the most important of this Open-Roulotte are the ingredients that connect us with the history of Educommunication understood in a broad sense, in a expanded sense. On the one hand, seeing the use of radio as a tool for social transformation reminds us to the work with community radio that Mario Kaplún collects in his highly recommended book Pedagogy of Communication. On the other, impossible not to travel to the very idea of roaming and popular culture in the Republic with projects like thetheater of La Barraca de Lorca or the Pedagogical Missions from the Institution of Free Education. Several decades later still on the road looking for a way to go.

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